Our Mission

Compassionate Herbal Alternatives is seeking registration as a Maryland medical cannabis cultivation center, processing center and dispensary whose mission is to provide safe and premium quality products with exemplary and compassionate service to all medical patients who are suffering from a number of chronic debilitating illnesses.

We also strive to be active agents within our community through social action, cannabis education, and philanthropy to further educate others on the benefits of this alternative medicinal approach to health.

We will always seek to aid in the advancement of the science of medical cannabis and will always promote the health, safety, and well being of patients first and foremost. We operate with the following values in mind:



We aim to continuously understand the needs and desires of our patients so that we can offer them the most comfortable, pleasant and safe experience.


We stay true to our core by providing the widest variety of premium quality products with exemplary customer service that will service as a standard in the cannabis industry.


We will always operate within the laws and regulations set forth within the jurisdiction that we are operating in as well as offer only the safest and highest quality products to our patients.


We believe in the healing powers of cannabis and all of its medical benefits and aim to break down the negative stigma surrounding the industry.


With the regulatory climate surrounding the cannabis industry constantly changing, we aim to stay on top of laws to better service our patients in a timely manner.


We give back to our community through charitable involvement and cannabis education because we believe in furthering our community.